Selkirk Journal Interview - Patti Grayson

Reviewed by: Zach Samborski

Happy Thought School librarian realeases third book

By Zach Samborski

With her newest book, Ghost Most Foul, local author and Happy Thought School librarian Patti Grayson has ventured into writing young adult fiction for the first time. 

Ghost Most Foul is Grayson's third book, as she has written two works of adult fiction: the short story anthology Core Samples in 2004 and her first novel, Autumn, One Spring, in 2010. 

Grayson, who launched Ghost Most Foul at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg earlier this month, said the book is aimed at adolescents.

"It's about a young junior high student," she explained. "She's named captain of the basketball team. Her coach is lost in a plane crash, and she begins to believe she has a connection to (her coach's) spirit. It's a bit of a mystery as to why she believes the coach's ghost is appearing to her."

Although Ghost Most Foul took about two eyars to write, the idea for the book started about a decade ago, Grayson said. 

"I was walking the dog one day," she said. "This idea came to me, and I realized it was probably best suited for a juvenile audience. I did not make a conscious effort to turn away from adult writing, but it seemed right for this topic and circumstance." 

An avid reader, Grayson became interested in writing when she was a child.

"I think I became quite serious about (writing) when I became a stay-at-home mom, basically," Grayson observed. "I had been working in theatre before my children were born, and I needed a creative outlet."

Set to retire from Happy Thought later this month, Grayson is already mapping out her next novel.

"It has been a difficult procedure to see it to fruition, so I hope that I will get it done within the next year or two," she said. "I'm retiring at the end of June, so perhaps that will push the book along." 

Grayson, who considers Margaret Atwood and William Shakespeare as influences, believes reading is the biggest inspiration for writers. 

"All I have to do is sit down and read another person's work and realize, 'yeah, this is doable, this is wonderful, this is brilliant, this is what I could perhaps aspire to and work toward.'" 

Ghost Most Foul is available at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg, and the book can also be purchased online at

This article originally appeared in The Selkirk Journal. 


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