Brovko's Amazing Journey - Resource Links Review

Reviewed by: Elizabeth Ford

Brovko, the dog, has a problem. His family is leaving him behind in the Ukraine while the family moves to Canada to make a new life for them. Although Brovko belongs to the family, he is really the son of Andrei's dog and his is determined to find Andrei again once the family emigrates. In this follow up to the author's previous book, Andrei and the Snow Walker, Brovko takes the reader on a journey including soothsayers and matgic, Ukrainian cultural traditions, different family customs, travel by train and by boat, Canadian Metis culture, and survival in the Canadian wild. Brovko never loses sight of his goal of finding Andrei through the good times and the bad. 

The story about Brovko is as much about the adventures as it is about painting a picture of the cultural differences and similarites between the Ukraine and Canada. We see farming practices being compared, as well as the themes of magic and folklore. The family dynamics are a constant theme in the Ukraine and in Canada. The family dynamics shift with the immigration to Canada, and the children who were anticipating growing up in the Ukraine, find love and marriage in Canada. For these comparisons, this book would be useful in the context of themes about immigration, heritage and culture in general, and about the history of Ukrainian immigration and culture as well as Canadian heritage and culture specifically. 

Thematic Links: Immigration; The Ukraine; Metis; Farming; Magic; Folklore; Dogs; Pets

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