Resource Links Review - The Veil Weavers

Reviewed by: Kimberley Bewick

On Hallowe'en, Josh and his little sister, Maddy, get called into the magic world to help solve problems they have helped create in the past. Along with creatures in the magic world, they've torn the veil that separates the magic world from the human world and magic is leaking out, weakening the creatures that require magic for survival. A gathering of inhabitants decides that Josh is the only one who possesses enough magic to mend the veil. 

Together, Josh and Maddy undertake a voyage to the only living beings that recall the stories of the Anicent Ones who created the veil. Escorted by buffalo and crows, they traverse Alberta's Bow River territory into the mountains, encountering natural elements familiar in the human world. They spend the night with spider people who share tales of the weaving of the veil but have no idea how to repair it. Though they get no answers, Josh realizes shortly after leaving that he has figured out the solution.

The third title in a fantasy series set in Western Canada, The Veil Weavers does a clunky, awkward job of filling in backstory for readers who have not read the two prior volumes. The basic and relevant details do get transmitted though, enough to make the opening situation comprehensible.

The rest of the story flows smoothly with detail and development to maintain engagement. Josh and Maddy are believable and sympathetic characters; eager, helpful, and perfectly imperfect. There's enough action to keep the ardent fantasy fan absorbed and enough character development to keep the relationship reader involved and happy.

The Veil Weavers is a great addition for a Canadian public or school library. 

Thematic Links: Fantasy; Hallowe'en; Sibling Relationship; Magic

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