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Amazon Reviews:

"I thought this was a very enjoyable and entertaining book. It brings in enough history to make it interesting as well as let's you see a bit of what the world was like at this time in history. It gives a different slant on the Pinkerton and forces of power at that time in our history. Since I live in North Dakota now and love history, this gives you an insight into the mentality and melding of the cultures during this period in time. I think you will enjoy the read. It was a fun ride. I really loved the ending as I thought it was a fitting end to bring all the twists and turns of the story to a final conclusion. I have recommended this as a good read to others and will continue to do so as I do feel it was a very good read." - Theresa J. Tober

"Put it all together...a .well developed, believable plot, finely painted colorful characters and an ending that you are never quite sure of till the last page and you have a winner.
This wonderful "western" by Allan Safarik takes you back a hundred years through a landscape that is very much the same then as now, filled with characters you still may find on the dirt trails that still cross the border between Canada and the US in western Canada
The book has the potential for a great screen play and for western novel fans I want to say I enjoyed it as much as I enjoy Lonesome Dove! .
Well done Allan!" - WLG

Goodreads Reviews:

"Swedes' Ferry is a rollicking romp of a novel full of memorable characters and colourful historical details. It is well-plotted, with lots of action leavened with humour that keeps the pages turning, and enough suspense to keep the reader hooked until the very satisfying ending. The author does a good job bringing to life several real historical personages as well as creating believable characters of his own. Highly recommended." - Caroline Walker

"This is an exciting ride of a novel that slides easily between the kind of literary refinement of Guy Vanderhaeghe's westerns and the blatantly gritty westerns of Loren D. Estleman and Elmore Leonard. It is well written, full of suspense and an interesting intermingling of historical fact with inventive fiction. The appealing but slightly twisted Mountie and the attention of geographic and historical details like the portrait of J. J. Hill made it really sing to me. I have read Safarik the poet for thirty years and this is not what I expected from the first published novel of a poet - even one as controlled as he is. The writing is so tightly reigned in that I could easily imagine it being read aloud by Gary Cooper." - Peter Milroy

"As someone who grew up in Regina, I love finding those rare books that feature my hometown. I'm also a huge fan of Guy Vanderhaeghe, and this book features a similar setting and characters. It's a particularly nice companion piece to A Good Man. The writing isn't as accomplished, but it's still an enjoyable adventure if you enjoy crime fiction or historical fiction." - Heather

"Visionary landscape and descriptive characters. True of the era and people, as I personally walked it carrying a gun.
Often wondering the history of years gone by. Loved this book as it fulfilled my fantacy of this era and true history.
A classic indeed! Allan Safaik tell me more stories.." - Irene

"Great read, different type of Western." - Steve Ens

"loved this book ... the ending was great :)" - Dixie D

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