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 Amazon Reviews:

"Great book. Love Dorothy! Once again, like the first book, you are left wanting to read about the next chapter in Dorothy's life. You can just picture yourself as a young girl living her experiences as it is so well written and engaging. Kudos Ms. Patton!!" - Brigitta

"I was excited to find out that the sequel to Full Steam Ahead had been published and I wasn't disappointed. Raised on the prairies myself and a life time devotee of Anne of Green Gables, it was a delightful to read a story about a plucky young girls adventures in a part of Canada that is close to my heart. I can hardly wait until my grandaughter is old enough for her and I to read this series together. I am eagerly awaiting book three to find what's in store for Dorothy and the other Barr Colonists." - diane mellott

"This is the second book Anne Patton has written based on the history of the Barr Colony in Saskatchewan. I really enjoyed the adventures of Dorothy and her family, as they travel from Britain to the wildes of the Saskatchewan prairies. Full of historical information on these hardy pioneers. Books worth reading for children, as well as adults. Can't wait for the third book!" - J. Rogers

"An exciting historical novel that I read to my young boys. They kept begging for one more chapter! I looked forward to finding out about each adventure as well. I hope there's going to be a third book in the series!" - Amazon Customer 

Goodreads Reviews:

"Inspired by real life events, Through Flood and Fire describes Dorothy's family's journey from Saskatoon to their homestead land in Saskatchewan. Although the second volume in the Barr Colonists series, this novel stands alone as it's own adventure. The perils of the journey are numerous and Dottie is exposed to many dangers. The time period is strikingly accurate and includes some of the racist attitudes of the time. Recommended for middle grade readers who enjoyed the Little House on the Prairie series." - Colette Dufault

"Set in 1903, this story about a British family crossing the Saskatchewan prairie from Saskatoon to near Battleford is great historical fiction. It's the second of a planned three part series. I appreciated the author's craft as she wove detailed research into 10-year-old Dodie's narrative. The author used real settlers' memories to write this book which highlights the difficulties of the homesteaders. I appreciated the glossary, and the archived photos. I loved the hand-drawn map and the illustrations. I think this book, and its companions, are perfect ways to share history with the young...and the young at heart. Seniors will also appreciate Dodie's adventures through a prairie landscape that is brutal and beautiful." - Gabriele Goldstone

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