Winnipeg Free Press Review - Ghost Most Foul

Reviewed by: Helen Norrie

Patti Grayson is a local writer whose first work of juvenile fiction, Ghost Most Foul (Coteau, 184 pages, $11, paperback) shows talent and promise.

Summer Widden is crazy about basketball and new coach Nola insists their Grade 8 team can win the provincial championships. She names 14-year-old Summer as captain, emphasizing, "It isn't whether you win or lose, it's how you win the game." But Nola is killed in a plane crash on Christmas Eve; Summer is devastated then horrified as she starts seeing Nola's ghost on the basketball court. 

Grayson does an excellent job of portraying Summer's feelings: disbelief, frustration, anger and grief. Tension mounts as the finals near. She can't convince her physician mother that she doesn't have a medical problem.

The author walks a fine line between realism and fantasy but succeeds in writing a story that will resonate with teens, especially those active in sports.

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