Juice Spot Review - Cult of Quick Repair

Quick and witty...
Reviewed by: Juice Spot

The Cult of Quick Repair is a collection of short stories that provoke feelings of sadness, anger, jealousy and plain old happiness, all in one novel. Author Dede Crane writes in quick, short snippets, capturing the reader's attention and quickly taking us to where she wants us to be, feeling what she wants us to feel.

The book delves deeply into relationships of all sorts: between best friends, husband and wife, parent and child, displaced housewife and customer service representative. It makes us see things in very different ways, and is relevant and personal to the reader. Each story captures a moment in time and freezes it, allowing us to explore the feelings, and consequences of those feelings, in intimate detail. There is a bit of sex thrown in as well, not in the predictable way you would predict, but in unexpected places.

The Cult of Quick Repair is a fun, edgy read, that gives us a peek in to other people's stressed out lives. And, let's face it, who doesn't like that?

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