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Reviewed by: Susan Miller

Daniel is really interested in dinosaurs. He lives in southern Saskatchewan and loves roaming the land around his family farm looking and digging for fossils. He has been part of one exciting discovery, a full Edmontosaurus skeleton. He keeps bones and other assorted finds in his hideout which he is trying to keep secret from the Nelwin brothers, local bullies extra ordinaire.

When the Nelwins catch up with Danny one day, he is tripped and hits his head against a rock. When he wakes up he is not sure where he is at first. It is when he sees a Cimilopteryx cleaning itself at the edge of a shore, that Danny begins to realize he is NOT in the same time period he was from! His adventure includes all sorts of dinosaurs including an encounter with a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which will enthrall any dinosaur lovers you know.

The adventure doesn't end there, however. Danny ends up returning to the present and back to prehistoric times twice more. During one of those trips, he is finally able to do something about those nasty Nelwin brothers, something which will change their loves forever.

Silverthorne is able to present the facets of each character's personality that matter to the story in a clear and clean fashion. Descriptions are easy to visualize.

Danny's adventures in prehistoric times will fire the imagination of the budding paleontologists in your school.

I could see Gr. 4 boys clamoring for this book. Good for Gr. 3-6.

Article by Susan Miller.

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