What If? Magazine Review - Dinosaur Blackout

What If? Magazine
Reviewed by: Katrina Martin

Mysterious. Adventurous. Gripping. Startling. All of these words describe Judith Silverthorne's new novel Dinosaur Blackout, the fourth book of the Dinosaur Adventure Series. As you read this book, you will feel as if you have stepped into a time machine and followed Daniel, a future paleontologist, into pre-historic times. This book is cover to cover excitement, as well as facts you probably never knew about the time of the dinosaurs.

Daniel, Dr. Roost, and their old friend, Mr. Pederson, are shocked when they find out that the rare Stygimoloch bones that Ole Pederson had recovered were missing. Everyone has their suspicions about who the culprit is, and everyone is angry and upset, poor Mr. Pederson is heart broken. When Mr. Pederson hears that Daniel has a leaf that can take them back to pre-historic times he and Dr. Roost demand to go. But after one dangerous journey to the past Mr. Pederson still isn't satisfied so when Daniel isn't looking he and Dr. Roost take another trip to visit the dinosaurs. Daniel immediately follows them back in time and is met with a startling discovery. The sky is gray and ashes fill the air Daniel is watching the remains of a volcano, and the beginning of the slow death of vegetation, which will eventually lead to the extinction of these magnificent reptiles.

Dr. Roost and Daniel agree this would be their last trip to pre-historic times. However, Ole Pederson isn't so sure and he decided to venture to the land once again - this time for his most dangerous and life threatening journey yet! What will happen to Ole Pederson and the dinosaurs? Should Daniel keep his promise never to go back to the pre-historic times or should he help his friend? And will they ever unearth the missing bones ad nab the thief? Dinosaur Blackout is the perfect book for dinosaur lovers and future paleontologists, or simply mystery and adventure loving kids. This book will keep your eye glued to the page to the very end. Article by Katrina Martin

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