SWON Libraries Review - Graveyard of the Sea

SWON Libraries
Reviewed by: Carolyn Janssen

Summary: Nell has spent her entire life in her father's lighthouse on Vancouver Island, isolated from the outside world until 1906 when the telegraph connect her to new friends, and allows them to save a ship's crew from certain death.

Evaluation: Fact and fiction come together in this exciting story based on an actual shipwreck rescue off the coast of Vancouver Island in 1906. the author has skillfully combined history, nature, and family dynamics to create a strong, believable young protagonist. Other characters are interesting individuals who interact realistically, building relationships and supportive networks for the main character.

Nell is independent, yet receptive to adult guidance. She takes on responsibility beyond her age, but is emotionally true to a 12 year old. The action ebbs and flows with nature, and connects the reader to the characters and the history. Historic facts and events are smoothly woven into the story. An Author's note is interesting and useful as it highlights historic facts, characters, and events. Historical fiction fans will enjoy this adventure. Article by Carolyn Janssen

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