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Reviewed by: Deb Neilsen

Graveyard of the Sea is a wonderful book. Draper eloquently marries historical fiction with a heroine that you simply cannot help but be engaged by.

The novel highlights the life of Nell, the twelve year old daughter of a lighthouse keeper on the western coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia at the turn of the century. Graveyard of the Sea tells of the tragedy of the Valencia shipwreck, Nell's courage keeps the book from being morose.

Because of the skill with which Draper places the historical events effortlessly within the context of the story, I would highly recommend this novel not only for young girls but as a classroom novel study. The focus on the work of the lighthouses and the laying of the telegraph lines and West Coast trail make this novel perfect for a British Columbia history lesson.

The book is nicely connected with the factual world but the fiction makes it an interesting read -truly bringing history alive. Draper provides a set of discussion points which teachers could expand upon. Graveyard of the Sea would make an excellent addition to a classroom or school library as well as being an unforgettable read.

Article by Deb Nielsen

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