CM Magazine Review - Last Flight of the Birdman

CM Magazine
Reviewed by: Elaine Fuhr

The great Birdman is in town, and Mackenzie couldn't be more excited. He wants to be a flier one day, and watching the incredible plane soar over the exhibition grounds is a wonder to behold. His friend Albert, who is always full of plans and fun, can't understand Mackenzie's interests in flying or his friendship with the hardworking Chinese boy, Jin. Then robberies take place in the homes of the townspeople, and the Birdman's valuable airplane model is stolen from the hotel.

It is not long before Albert, Mackenzie and Jin are all involved in a mystery that turns nasty. Mackenzie must find a way out of the situation for the sake of Jin as well as for himself. The Last Flight of the Birdman, second book in 'The Mackenzie Davis Files' series, is written by David Glaze who has written several novels for young readers. His experience as a teacher and teacher-librarian in an elementary school has given him a wealth of knowledge about children and their interests. This is a novel that will keep any young reader involved to the very last page.

Highly Recommended. Elaine Fuhr, a retired teacher of elementary and middle school, lives in Wabamun, AB.

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