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Saskatchewan Publishers Group
Reviewed by: Saskatchewan Publishers Group

Have you ever wondered how you would reconcile the whimsy of youth with the responsibility of growing older? Josh and Maddy needn't wonder, after adventure finds them during their trip home to Calgary, Alberta from Victoria, British Columbia. An imaginative and entertaining travel game quickly turns into reality for the two young adventurers, complete with mystery, villains and mystic creatures. Inspired by the whimsy and silliness of youth, Maureen Bush expertly crafts a world where children become heroes that fluidly shifts between reality and imagination. Maddy, Josh's younger sister, finds a seemingly ordinary jade ring and is convinced it contains the 'right magic' that, according to her mother, would ensure safe travel through the veils of mists that mark the family's journey home. Josh, is reluctant to believe in the magic until he notices someone following them. Grinvold, a troll from beyond the Veil of Mists, seeks the ring for himself and vows to take it from the children. An elegant yet malevolent witch from beyond the Veil of Mists, offers to help them keep the ring safe from him. She covets the ring for her own nefarious purposes. Somehow the children must get the ring to safety and find their way home. They happen upon the otter people, who guide them through this magical world. As the children's quest to find their way home to their own world melds with the quest to keep the ring safe, they find themselves realizing the importance of cooperation, trust, friendship and respect for each other, their environment, and the friends they meet along the way. Maureen Bush has a Post-graduate Certificate of Creative Writing from Humber College. She also holds a Bachelor's degree in History and a Masters degree in Environmental Design (Environmental Science), both from the University of Calgary. Ms. Bush was born in Edmonton and enjoys writing about children who effortlessly move between the realm of reality and imagination. She now lives in Calgary with her husband and two daughters and is currently hard at work on 'Veil of Magic, Book II.'

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