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Reviewed by: Victoria Pennell

The Canadians had been called to the front because they had distinguished themselves in some of the bloodiest battles fought to date. Storm troops, the Germans called the Canadians. Like a storm that could not be stopped, the Canadians assaulted the enemy lines with uncommon skill, tenacity and ferocity.

It is this uncommon skill, tenacity and ferocity which Norman Leach describes in this history of the Battle of Passchendaele, one of the bloodiest battles of World War I. In this 47 page, picture book style book, Leach brings us detailed descriptions of the Battle and the role of Canada's soldiers, along with numerous captioned historical photographs, artifacts, symbols and quotations from actual soldiers who participated in the Battle.

Leach is well versed in his topic having developed an interest in history at an early age which he developed into a lifelong career. He was the historical advisor to Paul Gross in the production of the film Passchendaele which was just recently released and Gross actually wrote the foreword to this book. This book will be a welcome addition to social studies programs dealing with World War I at the junior and senior high school level especially if it is coupled with the movie.

A comprehensive teacher's guide to accompany the book is available for download. A website to accompany the movie is available at There is also a site called Passchendaele in the Classroom which incorporates the book and the movie sponsored by the Dominion Institute. Highly Recommended. Article by Victoria Pennell

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