Resource Links Review - Breakaway

Reviewed by: Kat Drennan-Scace

Breakaway is the third in the Jessie Mac series revolving around a teen hockey player. In this volume, Jessie finds herself struggling to balance school, hockey, her family and of course, boys. Jessie, 17, is surprised that she makes Tea Captain for her AAA team but is determined to be a good role model and leader. Of course her team isn't going to make it easy. Between underage partying, gossip and general low morale, Jessie has her work cut out for her.

Of course hockey isn't the only thing on her mind; her eleven year old sister is hanging out with an older crowd and acting more like a teenager than a sixth grader. When Jessie attempts to rein her in, she's met with resentment.

Finally, friend and boy drama keep infringing on her life as she finds herself faced with decisions to make - does she take a chance on a friendship becoming more, pine over her ex or take a risk on the new guy?

Jessie a somewhat stereotypical 'good girl', but through Breakaway she has chances to take risks and even skip class. She's most engaging when she's trying to figure things out like any other teenager and she emerges willing to take more risks and try things out. Breakaway will appeal to hockey loving girls especially, who will be able to relate to Jessie's strict schedule and unique pressures. While some of the hockey terminology will go over the heads of the uninitiated, hockey fans (who are the true audience for the book), will be right at home on the rink with Jessie. The steady pacing makes this book hard to put down. 

Recommended for library collections, particularly as there are relatively few teen sports books featuring female protagonists.

Thematic Links: Hockey; Underage Drinking; Friendship

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