What If? Magazine Review - Power Plays

Reviewed by: Stacey Harris

The ups and downs of hockey mirror the ups and downs of the Jessie's life in this book. In Power Plays Jessie is faced with a relentless bully who is intent on making her transition to a new school a terrible experience. She pours Coke on her clothes, tells stories behind her back and spreads many rumours around school. Jessie has done nothing to warrant the harassment she has to endure from her schoolmates and struggles trying to figure out what she can do to stop the bullying. When Jessie is signed up for the girls hockey team she is accepted into their ranks, despite never playing the game and knowing nothing about it prior to joining, yet she has a great time and even meets a cute guy.

As Jessie navigates the waters of new friendships, dating, and dealing with bullies she learns that moving to a new town does not need to be such a scary experience. Although she struggles to deal with her problems alone she learns that having friends behind her makes her stronger.

Maureen Ulrich has grasped many of the key issues young teens are dealing with today and rolled them into one to create a fast paced novel, like the game of hockey. The characters all have their own traits making them unique enough that any person can relate to them. Although at the beginning of the novel I found it juvenile eventually I found myself unable to put it down. An inspiring read, sure to help anyone with problems in school, and even without problems in school Power Plays will put a smile on your face because of 'hot dad' and many other insider jokes. If in need for a humorous uplifting read Power Plays is definitely the right choice. 

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