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"Scattered Bones is beautifully written and a compulsive read. Siggins is a talented storyteller ' and that is the key to interesting history. She deftly opens a brief window on the Woodland Cree Ballendine Band's summer camping ground of Pelican Narrows in northern Saskatchewan in 1924, and tells the story of the characters, festivities and skulduggery found in that year's visit of the Canadian Government's Indian Agent, attended by a famous guest. With an acute portrayal of human nature and well-informed in the historical and geographical context, Scattered Bones depicts how cultural genocide and its racism occur through the daily acts of people with different characters and motives, variously enacted and interpreted by one another as benevolent or malicious, intelligent or stupid, humorous, desperate and ultimately tragic. This book should be on the curriculum of every educational institution in Canada that wants to engage in the work mandated for all of our nations by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission." - Gail Greer

"I absolutely loved this book... Historical fiction at its finest. So absorbing, intriguing and beautifully written I found myself unable to put it down.
Maggie Siggins transports her readers back in time by narrating the story through the eyes of her diverse cast of characters. As the reader is put into the shoes of each character, they begin to see the perspectives and circumstances that shaped the conflicts between the Indigenous people and settlers of Northern Saskatchewan.
Maggie Siggins has gone to great lengths to research the history of Pelican Narrows along with some real-life characters and woven them into a tale of fiction that is both captivating and spellbinding." - Kaliopi Nikitas

"Loved this latest novel from one of my favourite authors. Scattered Bones is the kind of book you can't put down and is too short. The characters were well drawn and entirely believable. They beautifully related their personal stories while revealing much about the sorry saga of the white people's abuse of the Cree, in this case. The book was by turns humorous, informative, shocking, and poignantly sad. Thoroughly enjoyed it!" - Norma Brem

"Loved the characters, but even more, I loved the aching sense of Paradise-about-to-be-lost that hangs over so much of it. Siggins is as deft with fiction as she has proven to be with long-form journalism." - John Coulbourn

"I finished the book in two days and it was an excellent read! Some very interesting characters, along with a fantastic setting make for a wonderful story. I sincerely hope there will be some sequels which continue the stories of the characters introduced here, perhaps an exploration of the changes that come to Pelican Narrows throughout the 20th Century." - Amazon Customer

"I just finished reading Scattered Bones by Maggie Siggins and I totally loved it. I didn't want it to end. Maggie Siggins has told the story of the people of Pelican Narrows with such passion and love; it was just a pleasure to read - the humour and the tension beautifully intertwined." - linda mahaney

"I've just finished reading Scattered Bones, and think it is wonderful, full of life and courage and humour, despite the sadness of the backdrop. This story in a setting of real events is both absorbing and timely." - Amazon Customer


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