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"This is a story of immigration in the middle 1800s and through the 1900s. A story of leaving home and family in Ireland and moving far away to the east coast of Canada. The place where the sea both steals men and either returns bodies or keeps them in nameless tombs. This is a love story where John's and Odette's love is challenged and forced by hard decisions and consequences to begin over and over again. This is a story where songs are sung in harmony, violins are treasured, and music is found in different languages, in new clothing, and movement of feet in strange lands. A novel where lives' stories continue to change." - Writer with a View (

"John, Odette, and Daniel's story takes place in the late 1800 and early 1900s in a small village in Nova Scotia, the oceans around the world, and in New Orleans. The living is hard, and when the ocean is at your doorstep, the sea sustains life but is also the biggest enemy.
The violins throughout this story are, lovingly played, created, smashed, repaired, collected, and are hung by cords from a ceiling only able to twist in the wind. The characters' circumstances of monumental sadness, lashes of sorrow, rays of hope, redemption, and all the degrees of love resemble the violins and vibrate across all of the readers' emotions. Been In The Storm So Long is a beautifully written story whose characters and events will stay with the reader after the last page is turned." - Writer with a View (

"Enjoyed Been In The Storm very much. Friendship is love is destiny? experience together binds inextricably? a mystery and a quest? A full and searching journey from the eye of the storm. Thank you." - Dwight McFee

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