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Islands of Grass

by Trevor Herriot

Islands of Grass

From esteemed naturalist Trevor Herriot and acclaimed nature photographer Branimir Gjetvaj, Islands of Grass is a beautiful, well-researched call-to-action and a passionately wrought love letter to the prairie grasslands that are rapidly disappearing in the wake of modernity’s relentless push.

Before the arrival of settlers, the Great Northern Plain sprawled across the centre of the continent and rivalled the African savannah for wildlife, with herds of bison and pronghorn antelope numbering in the millions. It was also the home for species of birds and animals that lived nowhere else.

Today that range is threatened by human incursion and in some areas there are only pockets of unadulterated prairie grassland left, small islands of a unique environment. In those small plots of grasslands species cling to survival, unable to thrive in any other environment.

In presenting the irreplaceable beauty and the complexity of the grasslands, Trevor and Branimir ask the reader to both admire its majesty and consider its value. Full of extraordinary photos supported by the thought-provoking prose of Trevor Herriot, this book will bring the wonder of the grasslands to a wider audience.


9.5" x 8.5" 160 pages
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Coffee Table, Pictorial History Case Bound With Dust Jacket Adult
Trevor Herriot

About the Author

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Trevor Herriot is a prairie naturalist, activist and writer living on the northern edge of the Great Plains in Regina, Saskatchewan. He has five previous titles to his name, most recently Towards a Prairie Atonement, which was published by the University of Regina Press in 2016. Trevor’s work has been nominated for numerous awards, including the Governor General’s Award for Non-Fiction and the Writer’s Trust Award for Non-Fiction. Trevor’s writing has also appeared in the Globe & Mail and Canadian Geographic, as well as several anthologies. 



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Dr. Branimir Gjetvaj is a biologist, photography instructor and internationally published environmental photographer specializing in natural history and western Canadian landscapes. He has participated in numerous nature conservation initiatives and frequently contributes his photographic skills to local environmental organizations. One of his photography projects culminated in the award-winning book The Great Sand Hills: A Prairie Oasis. In 2013 Branimir was recognized by the Canadian Environmental Law Association for extensive participation in several key environmental NGOs, and for using his photography to advance environmental conservation. He is the current President (2016-2018) of Nature Saskatchewan, a provincial conservation organization.


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Finalist, Regina Public Library Book of the Year Award, 2018 Saskatchewan Book Awards

Finalist, University of Saskatchewan Non-Fiction Award, 2018 Saskatchewan Book Awards

Finalist, City of Regina Award, 2018 Saskatchewan Book Awards


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