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Reviewed by: Rhonda Lorch

My interest in local food was piqued by Prairie Feast: A Writer's Journey Home for Dinner by Saskatoon author Amy Jo Ehman. The book is a series of essays about a year's worth of eating only foods grown and harvested in Saskatchewan and the trials and joys that such an adventure entails. Ehman is not preachy about her motives for eating locally which is a refreshing change from the sermon that some other books deliver. Each essay combines anecdotes and stories from her personal experience with hard and interesting facts about how food is grown, harvested and distributed in Saskatchewan. And because Saskatchewan and Manitoba have many commonalities, it was encouraging to hear that it is possible to eat mostly local products, even if you don't live in the banana belt.

The charm of this little volume for me was two fold. First of all, it felt a bit like going home. I was born in Saskatoon and much of my childhood was spent either living there or traveling from Regina or Winnipeg to visit family and friends there. So, the descriptions of the country towns to which Ehman travels to find local products felt very familiar and comforting. The second part of the charm is the book itself. It is a beautifully produced trade paper book with great food photos and interesting recipes sprinkled throughout. I really liked this book and hope that Amy Jo Ehman writes another soon. 

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