Review - Prairie Feast

Reviewed by: Susan Huebert

An Experiment in Eating Locally: Prairie Feast

Prairie Feast: A Writer's Journey Home for Dinner by Amy Jo Ehman describes one couple's experiment with following the Hundred Mile Diet. From their home in Saskatchewan, the author and her husband began to explore eating locally in a province with short growing seasons and long winters. In Prairie Feast, she describes some of the struggles and triumphs of trying to choose only local foods; from canning vegetables for winter to learning about edible mushrooms, the author and her husband had to learn new ways of eating and living.

The book includes anecdotes of the process, as well as recipes for everything from lentil and cucumber salad to pies filled with local saskatoon berries. Throughout the book, Ehman shows that a local diet need not be bland and boring, but that a bit of ingenuity can produce delicious meals that put as little strain as possible on the environment.

Following the Hundred Mile Diet can be difficult these days of large cities, pre-packaged meals, and easy transport, but it can be rewarding, as Amy Jo Ehman shows in her book. As the idea grows and more people take up the challenge, it might be possible to make a real change in how and what people eat and possibly to benefit the environment and local economies at the same time.


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