SWON Libraries Review - The Broken Thread

Reviewed by: M. Kanis

Summary: Alina is chosen to serve on the Isle of Weavers, a fate she very much desires. It takes years of training and preparation to become a weaver but Alina is impatient to get started. Her lack of patience leads her to tie a broken thread on the great loom with out knowing the consequences. The great loom reflects and affects the real world and this one thoughtless act disrupts thousands of other threads/lives. Alina is given the task of making everything right. She is sent to Kazia to serve in Prince Ranjan's household. Her mission: to make sure the Prince dies (the original broken thread), through natural or not-so-natural means. By forfeiting his life, thousands of others will be saved. How much is one life worth?

Evaluation: This is an interesting tale that plays on the theme of the benefits of the many outweighing those of the few. Alina's an interesting character who is given a moral dilemma to solve, with no easy answer. The plot and story are well done and the tension as the reader waits to see what Alina's decision will be will keep the pages turning. Setting and secondary characters are also well done and add to the believability of the story. The symbolism of the three fates and their determining each person's destiny through weaving was an interesting addition. Overall, a good story for fantasy readers. Recommended for middle school and public libraries.


Article by M. Kanis, Lane Public Library

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