What If? Review - The Broken Thread

Reviewed by: Stephanie Yip

Alina has wanted to become one of the weavers who weave the tapestry of life for as long as she can remember. But when the time actually comes and she leaves her home of Firth for the Isle of Weaving, she becomes the cause of an enormous disaster. Upon seeing the tapestry for the first time, she is struck by a bright red thread that has been cut as a representation of death, and when she ties a strand of her own hair around it, thousands of other threads unravel.

The red thread is the life of a spoiled prince who will grow up to kill thousands if he is allowed to live. Alina must kill him to save the others...or is there another way?

The Broken Thread starts out making us think that everything is governed by fate. There's a tapestry that predicts all the lives of the world. But Alina's actions prove to be more powerful than this overrated word, going against what seemed like the only way, and still managing to do the same deed. She shows that fate does not control all that we do...or was that just fate too?

However, there's more to the book than just fate. It would probably be classified as fantasy, and we get to see the differences between the peaceful world of Firth and the opposite illustrated in Kazia. We also get to experience the life of one who can trust no one, and those around him who are constantly afraid. We see what fear can do to a country, to a family, and to one little boy.

The Broken Thread is such an intricate novel. Beyond the story, we are given slight peeks at how events slowly change the characters, until even fate cannot achieve its end. 

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