Heather Radar Review - The Secret of the Stone House

Reviewed by: Klatt

Emily's Grandmother Renfrew has died and she is returning with her mother to the old stone house in Saskatchewan to auction off the farming equipment and furniture and eventually close down the house. The stone house is full of memories and mystery. Emily has learned that by touching an object from the past and the house at the same time, she can time travel back to pioneer days in the early 1900s. When she travels, only the young children with the family's "second sight" can see her. After learning of the death of her Great Aunt Emma from a disease that is curable in our modern times. Emily assumes she can't do anything to change the past. But what if she could? Emily begins to unravel the family secrets of her present time with clues from the past, while in real time, Emily is coming to terms with her parents' divorce and learning to navigate her relationship with her controlling mom.

The details in Silverthorne's writing of the house construction and early pioneer ways show her dedication to "getting it right." It's easy to overlook the awkwardness of the time travel piece because the story works. Students with an appreciation for historical fiction will enjoy this book. 

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