School Library Journal Review - Dinosaur Breakout

Reviewed by: Edith Ching

Gr 4-6

This book will appeal to dinosaur enthusiasts because of its descriptions of these prehistoric animals "in action." Daniel, who lives in Saskatchewan, makes several journeys back in time and encounters not just T. rex and Stegosaurus but also Edmontosaurus, Pteranodon, and Deiosuchus. His interest has grown out of the discovery of an important dinosaur fossil on his neighbor's land and his involvement in the dinosaur dig operation that his family is planning to open for tourists. Daniel's life is plagued by two bullies who treat him quite brutally, and readers might find it discomforting that his parents aren't more proactive in making sure he is safe. (His mother lets him take a nap after a particularly serious head injury and then allows him to go back to his cave in a remote area.) Overall, there is a general flatness to the characters, who never come alive even in moments of extreme danger.

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