Kliatt Review - Dinosaur Breakout

Reviewed by: Sherry Hoy

Twelve-year-old Daniel lives on a farm in southwestern Saskatchewan, an area where dinosaur fossils have been found. He and his elderly neighbor have been helping to work on the dig. His parents and his best friend's parents are opening a camping park for the sightseers the dig is attracting. Daniel's only problems are with two teenage bullies in the area. One day, while trying to escape the bullies' attention. Daniel falls and hits his head. He wakes up in the Cretaceous Period. He survives the time trip, but eventually goes back again with the two bullies in tow. He saves them, and they discover a newfound respect for Daniel and a new interest in dinosaurs and digs instead of bullying.

While not edge-of-your-seat thrilling, this may be popular with dinosaur fans and those who enjoyed the first novel. It gets slightly didactic about oil and gas surface rights and why drilling should be limited.

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