Resource Links Review - Last Flight of the Birdman

Reviewed by: Gail Lennon

The novel begins with a newspaper clipping announcing the arrival of famous aviator Glenn "Birdman" L. Martin to the Saskatoon Fair on Monday, August 5. Mackenzie Davis and his friends join the throngs of spectators awaiting the arrival of Birdman's flight. Mackenzie is particularly in awe of this hero as he, too, wishees to beecome a pilot.

Amid a series of high-flying maneuvers Birdman lands his bi-plane to the awe of a crowd sure he is going to crash. 

Two robberies occur during Birdman's performance: Jin, Mackenzie's Oriental friend's house is robbed and Birdman's silver model airplane is taken from his hotel room.

Woven into these mysteries are two secrets: one held by Birdman and another by Jin. The novel concludes, logically enough with a news clipping outlining the capture of the thief - aboard the Birdman's plane.

This novel is well-written and fast-paced. The plot demonstrates good use of research into the actual incidents which frame the plot.

The Last Flight of Birdman is an excellent inclusion in young readers' personal and school libraries.

Thematic Links: Canadian History; Flight; Biography; Canadian Prairies; Aviation; Prejudice; Friendship; Mystery

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