Lane Education Services Review - Flight of the Tiger Moth

Lane Education Services
Reviewed by: Melissa Parks

A teenage Canadian boy during World War II with a love of airplanes expands his horizons by working on a pilot-training air base near his home. Over the course of one summer, his life is completely changed as new opportunities continue to open for him (including, secretly learning to fly a plane). He also learns about life and death as family members and friends are lost to the war.

This paperback book had a good dose of reality in it and a believable character. I really felt like I was in Cairn in 1943. Some historical pictures would have been great to see, but I can't think of any real problems with the book. I would recommend it as an enjoyable read for a reasonable price. I gave it a 4 rating because it would be a great addition to any library (especially if it were read in conjunction with a study of World War II).

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