Resource Links Review - Dinosaur Stakeout

Reviewed by: Carolyn Cutt

Daniel had accidentally travelled back to prehistoric past before, a startling and scary adventure. When he suddenly discovered that a small pinecone from prehistoric time had become stuck in his backpack, Daniel realized that he has an opportunity to go back one again to the dinosaur world. But dare he make another attempt after his narrow escape from the sickle-like claws of a small but fast meat-eating dinosaur! He knew another journey was far too dangerous, yet in his mind he was already making plans.

The rolling hills and quarry adjacent to the farm where Daniel lived was a site of interesting rock formations yielding valuable fossils. In order to boost the income for the southwestern Saskatchewan farm, Daniel's family and palaeontologist neighbour, Ole Pederson, had established a palaeontology tourist operation, where visitors could camp on their grounds, view the exploration sites and participate in a dig.

Along with Daniel's help, Mr. Peterson had discovered what they believed to be an almost complete Edmontosaurus skeleton on their adjoining properties. And now just yesterday, a possible skull of Stygimoloch was unearthed. Daniel was bursting with excitement - he just had to go back now and take photographs to verify their finds. Wanting to be well prepared, he mentally began making a list of the equipment he would need. His biggest problem would be keeping safe and not becoming a dinosaur lunch!

This exciting novel is packed with information and detail. The text contains extensive vocabulary yet is very readable and well written. The pace moves rapidly, holding the reader's attention to the end. It would be appropriate for a novel study, the main characters are well developed and the many discussions focusing on palaeontology are accurate and informative. A vocabulary/description of terms is included, plus a list of creatures mentioned, some reference notes and an extensive bibliography. A recommended library purchase, this novel will feed the imagination of all dinosaur-loving readers.

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