Resource Links Review - The Secret of the Stone House

Reviewed by: Victoria Pennell

The Secret of the Stone House is one of the four books in the From Many Peoples Series, published by Coteau Books in honour of Saskatchewan's centennial year and the cultural diversity of its people. It was nominated for the 2005 Saskatchewan Children's Book Award.

As 12 year old Emily, her mother and her aunt prepare to auction off the contents of her grandparent's stone house, Emily finds that she can still travel back into the past the way she did on her last visit. As she tries to accept the reality of selling off her grandmother's possessions and the old stone house she loves so well along with her mother and father's divorce, Emily finds comfort in her travels back in time to the era of her great-grandparents when the stone house was being built. Here as well she finds answers to some of the mysteries they encounter as they deal with the contents of the house - secret compartments in desks and in the kitchen fireplace.

In Emily's time travels, Silverthorne presents a very realistic view of pioneer life in an early prairie community where people worked together to build houses, harvest crops, fight prairie fires and celebrate weddings. The transition between the two worlds in which Emily finds herself is a smooth one and young readers will enjoy the suspense which is created as Emily tries to keep her time travel a secret from her mother and her aunt. 

A good supplement for social studies programs.

Thematic Links: Saskatchewan - History; Time Travel

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