CM Magazine Review - Dinosaur Breakout

Reviewed by: Patricia Fay

Daniel Bringham, age 12, lives on a farm in the southwest area of Saskatchewan. His neighbour, Ole Pederson, found skeletal remaiins of an Edmontosaurus on his property. He, Daniel's family and another neighbour family, the Lindstroms, formed a business deal to start a dinosaur tourist dig operation. The plans are going well for the opening day until two local bullies, the Nelwin brothers, start to create trouble. Craig and Todd Nelwin are jealous of Daniel's recent notoriety for his part in the dinosaur discoveries.

When Daniel and his dog, Dactyl, are on the way to Daniel's secret hide out, they unfortunately run into Craig and Todd. During a scuffle, Daniel hits his head on a rock, and he is transported back to the Cretaceous era. 

He returns to the present and continues his work with Mr. Pederson. Daniel's best friend, Jed Lindstrom, is learning how to dig too. On the night before the tourist dig is supposed to begin, the Nelwin boys create more trouble, only this time they are transported back with Daniel.

The book is well written and very well researched. At the end, there is an author note, a vocabulary/description section (including a helpful pronunciation guide), Creatures, other references and notes, bibliography, acknowledgments and an about the author section. These sections were informative and useful, but it would have been more helpful if they were mentioned at the beginning of the book.

Daniel, Jed and all the other characters are believable. The friendship between Daniel and Jed is honest and convincing. The relationship between Daniel and Ole is similar to grandfather/grandson although the two are not related. The female characters, Jed's sister, Lucy, and Daniel's baby sister, Cheryl, add to the story. There is enough action and suspense to keep the reader reading late into the night.



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