The Miller's Tale Review - Inspiring Women

Reviewed by: Reva Dolgoy

This large format book is from the pages of Herstory: The Canadian Women's Calendar published in Saskatchewan from 1974 to 2000. 

It is a collection of the lives of 319 women, who are so interesting that once begun it could not be skimmed quickly. Each life is a treasure to be admired, wept over and cheered!

Some of the women are national icons, quickly recognized because of oft-told episods, but the rest are mostly "new" to this reviewer. Each is in turn feisty, humorous or angry and their own words awaken our sympathy and support.

It begins with a divine person, a woman, falling out of the sky world and among the last group ends with a Canadian Astronaut, a woman. In between are the aboriginal women and early settlers, later, the rural and urbane, secular and religious activists; all dealing with hard work or the ongoing social, economic, cultural and political issues. 

One caveat, there is too little mention of women trade unionists, particularly in the textile and clothing factories of Quebec, Ontario and Winnipeg. 

This would be a perfect gift exchange by men and women for Valentine's Day, International Women's Day and birthdays and certainly it should be in every school library.

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