Resource Links Review - Waiting for Pelly

Reviewed by: Nancy Ryan

Waiting for Pelly by David Glaze is a story waiting to be read by many school children across Canada. It is a sequel to Pelly which has been adapted for use in schools across the country including the Newfoundland and Labrador educational system.

This is a suspenseful story, a 223-page juvenile novel, about a young girl's search for a pelican which she became friends with a year ago. The text is filled with striking descriptive language that creates vivid pictures in the reader's mind. The chapters are generally short and are interestingly arranged so that they alternate between Sandra's point of view and Pelly's. Pelly had left Sandra with the other pelicans on their annual migratory journey south for the winter. Sandra and her father have just relocated to a new house and are trying to come to terms with the challenges of such a move including nosey and bossy neighbours. Pelly meanwhile has found a mate and is preparing for the arrival of her first chicks at nearby Redberry Lake. She, too, has to deal with very different problems of her own. Sandra frequently returns to the river where they first met with a bag of fish scraps and waits for Pelly to return. Will the two ever meet again? If so, will their friendship endure?

A remarkable wildlife concern and environmental theme run throughout the novel. There is much factual information about pelicans, Redberry Lake Research Centre, and natural in general.

Waiting for Pelly is an interest-grabbing novel that provides the reader with the vicarious experience of befriending an animal of the wild. It will grip the imaginations of children and will hold their interest to the very end.


Thematic Links: Pelicans; Wild Animals; Birds; Nature

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