Resource Links Review - Dinosaur Hideout

Reviewed by: Rosemary Anderson

Daniel lives in southwestern Saskatchewan, where many fossils and dinosaur bones have been found. Daniel lives to hunt for fossils, dreaming about dinosaurs all the while. His dad, however, would rather have Daniel work harder at his chores. Dad does not think a bunch of old bones is going to help the farm survive its financial difficulties. Just when life seems about to change forever with the sale of the farm, Daniel makes an exciting find of a fossil that has never been seen in the area. The major problem is that old Pederson, the scary old guy on the neighbouring farm, and his enormous dog are trying to scare Daniel away from the fossils and his old shack. While marooned in Pederson's cabin during a blizzard, Daniel discovers that Pederson is a doctor of palaeontology but is very ill. Daniel's dad rescues them from the blizzard, and his mom takes care of Pederson. With the help of Pederson, they are able to have their farm designated as a research site, and do not have to sell the property.

This book would appeal to children who are interested in dinosaurs. It is well written, deals with kid problems, and has some mystery to attract readers. I would recommend that libraries and this book to their collections.

The author has also written The Secret of Sentinel Rock, for which she won the 1996 Saskatchewan Book Award for Children's Literature. She has also worked as an editor, curator, and television documentary producer, and has served as the Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Library Association.


Thematic Links: Science, Social Studies; Fossils; Palaeontology

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