Professionally Speaking Review - At Geronimo's Grave

Reviewed by: umar umãngay

Indigenous peoples of Canada are part of our modern history and the framework of local identity. These books of poetry are a constructive resource for teachers in native studies, and for English and history classes at the senior secondary level. They may be used for reading out loud or silently, and to lead in-class discussions on healing, aesthetics and self-expression. Duality, spirituality, the sensations of place and relations to family and nature are common themes, but each book is unique in style.

Armand Ruffo's At Geronimo's Grave works to bridge past and present. There is a historical bent to the writing. Inferences and comparisons dot the written landscape along pathways that need further exploration and reflection.

The book is divided into four sections, in which several exceptional poems - Drum Song, World View and Dance to Hold On - evoke the healing power of words and the passion of aboriginal identity.


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