CM Magazine Review - Tunnels of Terror

Reviewed by: Tony Payzant

Tunnels of Terror is fourteen-year-old Andrea Talbot's second adventure in the depths of Moose Jaw's cramped tunnels, this time with her impetous younger brother Tony leading the way back into the time of their grandparents. Andrea's and Tony's help is needed in uncovering an organized theft ring when a young Great-Aunt Bea's suspicions about corrupt police officers prove all too true. Andrea's fear of becoming trapped in the past with inadequate medical supplies lends a harrowing tension to the story.

This is a fine time-travel adventure story. It is interesting to see how elements of the present, like walkie-talkies, remote-controlled toys and even insulin injections, are brought into play in the 1920s. Some research seems to have been lacking, though, as the author presents flashlights as unheard-of in the 1920s, when, in fact, they were invented in the 1890s and were fairly commonplace by 1916. Some details of life in the 1920s, such as the general low opinion of unwed mothers, may be eye-opening for young readers. There are several references to Bishop's previous Moose Jaw adventure that may leave readers of only this title a bit bewildered as to the identity of some characters.

The plot is fairly fast-moving and intriguing, and the characters are likeable and interesting. The elements of danger and suspense make this piece of juvenile fiction quite a page-turner, bound to become a fast seller.



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