Resource Links Review - Tunnels of Time

Reviewed by: Lynda Curnoe

Time travel stories are always a big hit with boys and girls and this one should be added to the list. Thirteen-year-old Andrea Talbot is reluctant to be a junior bridesmaid at her cousin's Moose Jaw wedding. While attending a pre-wedding supper, she accidentally crashes into a mirror at the entrance to a series of secret tunnels underneath the city used by rum-running gangsters during prohibition. Andrea enters the 20's and encounters a whole new world of people, customs and places. 

The story has thrills, suspense and historical interest, with a dash of feminism thrown in. Bishop's writing is unexciting and plain, extending to the cliched at times. But the 20's dialogue is accurate and entertaining. Descriptions of the lamplit tunnels and of the children's job, escorting villains away from the Police, is the best part of the story. The author also does well in connecting the past to the present with an intriguing mhystery weaving subtle clues throughout. Some well-drawn characters like Vince and Big Al inhabit this world. Maps of the tunnels add greatly to an appreciation of the story as readers can follow along with Andrea's adventures.

Tunnels signify change. Andrea's adventure helps her mature from a complaining girl to one who realizes her strengths and learns to appreciate her extended family.

Tunnels of Time is recommended for class  discussions on history as well as pleasure reading.

Thematic Links: Time Travel; Canadian History; Prohibition

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