St. John's Telegram Review - Tunnels of Time

Reviewed by: Karen Shewbridge

Time travel, gangsters and the prohibition hook the reader in Tunnels of Time, a drama about a 13-year-old girl's journey back to the days of Al Capone.

Legends say that the mysterious tunnels below the city of Moose Jaw were used for smuggling contraband and sheltering gangsters. When young Andrea goes to her cousin's wedding supper in a Moose Jaw restaurant, she gets more then she bargained for: She hits her head at the opening to the tunnel and finds herself back in time and working for "Big Al."

This is not the first book to use this technique for time travel, but the way the story unfolds and the discoveries Andrea makes when she returns to the future, add a special flavour to this feast of imagination, action and high adventure.

Include another dimension where a young girl explores the rewards of relationships and learns to "see" and relate to people from another generation, and you have a valuable story of maturation and self-discovery.

It is gratifying to see such superlative books for young people, particuarly those set in Canada. Both of these books have an edge and exciting bite to them, putting them on a par with children's books from anywhere in the world.

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