Western People Review - Tunnels of Time

Reviewed by: Verne Clemence

There are scary figures in Tunnels of Time, too, but they're all human. This is a time travel adventure by another Saskatoon author, Mary Harelkin Bishop. the setting is Moose Jaw in the early 1920s. The action takes place one level below ground in a series of tunnels used by bootleggers and gangsters of that time. 

Andrea Talbot, 13, is in the city to be a junior bridesmaid at her cousin's wedding. She's unhappy, wanting instead to be off on a mountain bike tour. Little does she know that what's really in store is something far more exciting.

In fact, after she accidentally falls into a mirror and finds herself in a life and death struggle between the Moose Jaw police and a gang of crooks, she's soon longing to be at the boring wedding rehearsal.

But she can't find her way back. A mysterious youth mistakes Andrea for a boy and presses her into service as a runner in the tunnels. Runners guide the assorted lowlifes through a tangle of tunnels in a dark world where might is right and child guides are supposed to be seen and not heard.

An especially nasty piece of work known as Big Al is Andrea's nemesis, not because he doesn't like her, but because he does. The brutal scar-faced gangster, who is badly wanted by the law, drags Andrea into his web of evil. She fears for her life if she disobeys him, but finally she fights back.

Coteau is the publisher; the price is $7.95.

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