VOYA Review - We Want You to Know

Reviewed by: C. J. Bott

Ellis's words are minimal as she lets fearful, tortured, powerless, and reclaimed voices speak about their painful experiences. Each chapter begins with a brief introduction followed by personal stories of those who have been bullied, as well as a few who were bullies. These young people believe the school staff did little to help protect them, and the antibullying assemblies and programs did not change the environment. Each section ends with "What Do You Think?" questions, and sidebars highlight statements from kids around the world: Angola, California, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Uganda, and more.

This book can be used with all young people and adults, as it deals with a problem that touches all of us and seems to evade solutions. So many emotions rise from these pages that the reader cannot remain untouched. Subaru Yokota from Japan assigns us all a mission to act: "You must embrace courage and have absolute determination that you are going to stop bullying. You can't just see the prey get hunted by the predator. You have to stop it. You have to be heroes."

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