What If? Magazine Review - We Want You to Know

Reviewed by: Thomas Mackenzie

"There was another kid I went after in grade eight. We had a sink in the classroom, and I stuck his head in the sink and turned the water on. He was the kind of kid others picked on. I thought he was disrespecting me, and I wasn't going to take that from him. My friends congratulated me for going after him." This is just one quote from the real life bullies that you'll find in We Want You to Know; Kids Talk about Bullying.

Everyone has witnessed bullying and a lot have experienced it. What makes this book special is that it speaks for those being bullied but also includes the perspective of some bullies. Neither is a pretty sight. On one hand, being pushed, punched, and disrespected for no good reason is not good, but on the other, it shows that many of the bullies have not had an easy life.

In this book there are questions at the end of every story such as: "Do you think Mitchell's drug use was related to bullying?" This is important because it makes the reader think about the story and makes the situations real so the reader can apply the strategies to his/her own life. The book has a lot of chapters dealing with excuses. You're not good enough, you're different, or you're it - just because. These are excuses bullies use to act the way they do, and again, they make the reader think about why people bully.

We Want You to Know...is definitely the book to read if you are dealing with a bully. Each chapter offers the opportunity to help you find what you are looking for - a possible solution to your own situation. Even if you're not dealing with bullying, you can open up to any page in teh book and find a story that makes you feel and think.

Thanks Deborah Ellis for this inspiring book.

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