Resource Links Review - Euphoria

Reviewed by: Ingrid Johnston

This quirky and engaging novel is a pleasure to read. The story begins in 1891 when we first meet Gladdie McConnell, a Toronto boarding house servant who makes a promise to an abandoned day-old child that she will watch over her. Undeterred by her lack of money and status in life, and an adoptive family who wants nothing to do with her, Gladdie perseveres in her determination to look after the growing child, Orillia. Fate intervenes in the summer of 1912, when twenty-year-old Orillia wakes up from surgery after being struck down by the Regina Cyclone with no idea who she is, and Gladdie steps in to look after her.

While the plot is rather contrived, the novel nevertheless succeeds in being beguiling and pleasurable, with its quiet intelligence and wit, characters we grow to love and well researched glimpses into Canada's recent history. Gault is an award-winning short-story writer and playwright, and Euphoria is her first novel. She has certainly succeeded in offering readers a very entertaining and vivid read.

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