SWON Libraries Review - Ghost Messages

Reviewed by: CJ Connor

Thirteen-year-old Ailish, a fortune teller living in Ireland, sets off to find the man who has just tricked her father out of the only fortune he had. She follows him to a ship that is leaving Ireland for North America but she must disguise herself as a boy to get on board. The ship's journey is a historical one. It is carrying the first attempt to lay a telegraph cable between the continents. A friendly boy on the ship helps Ailish get a job and together they plan to trick the evil man into surrendering her treasure. Mystery surrounds the boy as he is often just in the right place at the right time and when he refuses to come on deck, Ailish begins to wonder just who or what he is. 

Action-packed adventure filled with historical events that read as great fiction. Ailish is a remarkable girl and a well developed character who uses her wits to gain back her father's treasure and revenge the thief who stole it. She enlists the help of several shipmates whose confidence she gains as a hard worker. Mystery, suspense, and a satisfactory ending make this novel a page-turner and a fine introduction to this historical voyage. Recommended first purchase.

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