Midwest Book Review - Islands of Grass

Reviewed by: Carl Logan

Synopsis: Before the arrival of European settlers, the Great Northern Plain sprawled across the center of the continent that rivaled the African savannah for wildlife, with herds of bison and pronghorn antelope numbering in the millions. This was also the home for species of birds and animals that lived nowhere else.

Today that great prairie land range is threatened by human incursion and in some areas there are only pockets of unadulterated prairie grassland left, small islands of a unique environment. In those small plots of grasslands species cling to survival, unable to thrive in any other environment.

In presenting the irreplaceable beauty and the complexity of the grasslands in the pages of "Islands of Grass", author Trevor Herriot and photographer Branimir Gjetvaj ask the reader to both admire its majesty and consider its value. Full of extraordinary photos supported by the thought-provoking prose "Islands of Grass" brings the wonder of the grasslands to a new generation of appreciative readers.

Critique: Beautifully informative and exceptionally well organized and presented, "Islands of Grass" is decidedly and unreservedly recommended for personal reading lists, as well as being an enduringly popular and valued addition to both community and academic library Nature and Conservation collections and supplemental studies reading lists.


Carl Logan


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