StarPhoenix Review - Danger in Dead

Reviewed by: Beverly Brenna

As Canadian authors apply local settings to books for young readers, they 'write what you know.' Familiar characters and contexts help children connect their background knowledge to reading material, boosting comprehension as well as motivation to read.- - -Saskatoon's Dave Glaze has published another strong title for a similar age group. 'Danger in Dead Man's Mine (Coteau, paperback, $8.95) follows 11-year-old Mac Davis through various mysteries when he visits relatives in Lethbridge during the summer of 1912.Mining history is embedded in the narrated lives of Mac's extended family, and young readers will see positive aspects of mining culture as well as the dangers a miner's life held in times past. The compelling plot revolves around the stories of a number of different characters, one of whom is Mac's young cousin caught in an abandoned mine shaft: 'The bump struck without warning, roaring down toward the entry from deep in the hill. The walls of the tunnel wrenched sideways. Heavy supporting beams splintered like kindling. The floor heaved. A curtain of black dust fell into the room. Then the rock stopped shifting, almost before John Walter had time to tell it had begun. Stumbling, he caught his breath and sucked in a cloud of powdered coal.' Article by Beverly Brenna

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