Winnipeg Free Press Review - Interruptions in Glass

A Virus of Desire
Reviewed by: Winnipeg Free Press

Tracy Hamon gazes intently into the past in her daring second collection, 'Interruptions in Glass' Coteau Books, (73 pages, $17) a sassy bringing-to-light of the darker stores of personal memory. Here, Hamon follows the residual effects of the past like a 'shadowy path / slightly ahead of myself. In lyrics as brazen as they are reflective, Hamon discloses a 'virus' of desire, her insights harsh, sudden and hauntingly real: 'last night's shiraz crusted / on the bottom of a glass, leftover / like a bruise from the kiss on your neck, / a dark shape you didn't really / notice until the sun / bared the stain on the empty.'

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