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A girl obsessed with music must deal with sexual harassment as she struggles to fit in with a band. Sixteen-year-old Sidney wants only one thing: to become the new drummer for her area's hottest rock band. The band doesn't want a girl drummer no matter how well she can play, though, because they think she might cause dissension among their group. Given a chance to audition for them, Sid proves she's the best drummer, but still the band hesitates. They tell Sid she needs to ditch her tomboy appearance and look more attractive. Desperate, Sid calls on her clothes-horse cousin to help her buy a new wardrobe-only to face ridicule at school, especially from a rival drummer, when she appears with her radically new, rather sexy image. Sid finds a nice romance with a 'math geek' but still faces discomfort at school. However, when the band members lure her into a compromising position and then circulate a video of their attack on her, she finally begins to rely on the school counselor who's trying to help her. Bass' portrayal of the harassment is relatively mild, but she doesn't downplay its seriousness, either. She keeps her characters real and demonstrates just how sexual harassment can damage the lives of everyone involved./ Fast paced and insightful, a good choice for teen readers, especially those interested in music.(Fiction. 14 &up)

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