Booklist Review - Drummer Girl

Reviewed by: Frances Bradburn

Sid is a great drummer who wants to play with the school's best band, the Fourth Down. Her competitor is musically weak, but he is part of the jock crowd, while Sid has a reputation for being butch and acerbic. When the band's lead suggests that she 'clean up' and 'show some boob,' Sid does the unthinkable: she calls her cousin Heather for an extreme makeover. But the guys all get the wrong idea. The jocks make passes at her, and her best friend, Taylor, refuses to talk to her, while the whole project makes her dad slug down even more antacids. Is an opportunity to play worth sacrificing who she really is? Bass has created a reflection of the outsider life at a typical high school. While drumming and music are the hooks to reel in readers, drummer-girl Sid and her friends are every high-schooler, and Bass clearly shows the pain of being harassed and bullied. Although the climax is a bit melodramatic, the story's teen voices of pain and eventual courage will ring true to adolescents, whether they're popular, misfits, or a bit of both. Booklist online.

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