Canadian Children's Book News Review - Drummer Girl

Canadian Children's Book News
Reviewed by: Arwen Rudolph

Tomboy Sid Crowley loves to play the drums, and it is her dream to join a band. Her big break comes when The Fourth Down audition for a new drummer. She's good, but the all-male band aren't sure they want a 'butch' girl in their group. Sid's counsin gives her a make-over, but Sid doesn't feel entirely comfortable with her sexy new image. She also faces increasingly serious sexual harassment from her bandmates and other boys at school. Sid desperately tries to meet other people's expectations of who she should be, but discovers that she must listen to 'the quiet voice' inside herself to find out what she truly wants. This is a thoughtfully written novel that touches on the issues of sexual identity, gender stereotyping and sexual assault. The situations described in this novel are unfortunately all too common, and many young women may find themselves in a similar position. The sexual harassment that Sid faces is serious, and the consequences for those involved are realistic. Although there is not enough evidence to press charges, the boys in the band do not entirely escape justice, and Sid discovers the sad truth that reporting sexual harassment does not come without its own consequences. Sid is a compelling character who, despite her own flaws and blind spots, remains very likeable. Important lessons aside, Sid's story, including a bit of light romance, will keep teens turning the pages.

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