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Reviewed by: Alison Edwards

Drummer Girl tells the story of Sid. Sid is a tomboy who lives with her father. Her brother is in university while her mom 'resigned' from the position of mother twelve years previous. Sid has run into trouble at school with guys who tease her for being 'butch'. A passionate and talented drummer, Sid tries to join the best band the school has on offer - and is told that one member would only accept her if she was a lesbian - to avoid sexual tension in the band - while another would only accept her if she looked better. When Sid tries a makeover - one that turns her into an attractive and feminine presence in the school - she has to deal with unwanted sexual advances from the members of the band she is so desperate to join. When these unwanted sexual advances end up in a slanderous and misleading Youtube video, Sid has to learn how to stand up for herself and speak out for what she knows is true. In this process, she learns that people are not always who you think they are and that you need to look below the surface to find out who they really are. Bass has created a story that is fast paced and gritty. Sid is caught up in a journey of self-discovery and her path is not always smooth. The supporting characters in this novel, particularly her teacher/therapist, are strong and as a reader you wonder how oblivious Sid can be, especially in terms of deportment and ability to work in society as a person. However, the serious situations that occur to her - especially the youtube video - are heartbreaking. The view into cyberbullying and sexual harassment is realistic and heartbreaking. Overall, even with the occasional dip into unbelievable, this novel is a good look into the life of a modern teenage girl and her journey to find herself. This novel would appeal to readers who enjoy realistic young adult fiction.

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